Vision & Strategy

The vision of the work in Cusco is guided by 5 overarching goals: Vision - 5 Main Goals

The team has already made much progress toward each of these goals.

Current Progress:

  1. Target middle class heads of households
    • There were 20 baptisms in 2012.
    • As of last October, there were already 20 baptisms year-to-date in 2013.
    • There have been a total of over 62 baptisms in the 3 years of life of the church.
    • The ratio of men to women is 50/50 – a rare occurrence in Latin American congregations where the women usually outnumber the men substantially. This fact holds great potential for the longevity and self-sustainability of the Ayllu congregation.
  2. Eventual attendance of 300-500
    • Our goal is to build the Ayllu congregation to a self-sustaining number.
    • We have tracked attendance from day one and have experienced a steady rise in attendance from the beginning.
    • In fact, in April 2013, the congregation averaged 68 in attendance at worship services.
    • We are ahead of schedule with regard to our long-term attendance goals.
  3. Raise up national leaders
    • National leadership is critical. We as missionaries want to work ourselves out of a job by training the Peruvian church members to assume leadership of the congregation and its outreach.
    • We currently have three training programs:
      • At least four men meet weekly to receive training for our mid-week Bible studies.
      • At least five men meet weekly for a preachers’ workshop.
      • Members meet weekly for discipleship groups.
    • We have annual seminars to equip members for leading in worship and in mid-week Bible studies.
    • Members are leading studies, coordinating worship, coordinating outreach and assimilation, and preaching.
  4. Secure a permanent, centralized location
    • A permanent location means visibility and stability for the congregation – a hub for continued growth for generations to come.
    • We have rented an old theater for the last three years. It is centralized and very visible. Much of our outreach has been achieved through the well-known facility.
    • We would like to begin acquiring a permanent location in the next few years.
  5. Plant on additional congregation
    • We see tremendous potential with the current church members to plant another congregation. Once the members of the Ayllu  congregation have become increasingly involved in leading the church, we plan on assisting the Peruvians with planting an additional congregation in Cusco.
    • Not only do we want this to be another church plant but a pattern of growth that the Peruvians can duplicate over and over again once the mission team returns to the States.
    • We have discussed this vision with our sister congregation, Wanchaq.
    • Together, we have identified several key areas of the city that would be great locations for another congregation.

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