Mission Campaigns


We desire our supporting congregations be heavily involved in the work. Short-term mission campaigns are faith-building experiences for everyone involved: both the campaigners and the members of the Ayllu congregation. Peru’s convenient location makes travel affordable and allows members of supporting congregations to get involved in the mission.

Currently, the Cusco Team hosts 3 short-term campaigns annually:

  1. March – Medical Mission Campaign
    • Medical clinic held to reach out to the community (more…)
  2. June-July – World English Institute Campaign
    • Teaching English using the Bible and encouraging students to further Bible studies beyond the English lessons.
  3. October – Fall Campaign
    • The missionaries teach local parents in a family & parenting seminar while campaigners coordinate activities for their children (more…)

Once the new team members arrive in Cusco in September of this year, the team plans to add another annual campaign.

We want as many as can to come to Cusco for mission campaigns. Sarah and I were first introduced to the work in Cusco through the Fall 2012 campaign and were very impressed with the organization, the scale of the community outreach (nearly 800 in attendance during the 3 day seminar), and the efforts of both the mission team and the Peruvian church members in following up with visitors to encourage further Bible study and worship attendance. These campaigns bring hundreds in from the surrounding community and are big boosts in the mission team’s evangelistic efforts.




If you are interested in learning more about our mission campaigns, please complete the form below. We would love to hear from you!


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