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Our purpose with this site is not only to inform you of the ongoing work in Cusco, but also to gain a partner in spreading the Gospel in Peru.  We truly desire an active partnership with you in the work that includes financial supportspiritual encouragement, and also first-hand participation during short-term campaigns.

We hope that you are willing to partner with us on a monthly basis starting in June 2014.  Monthly support provides for our living expenses, the team’s work fund, and annual furlough costs (budget available upon request).  If you are able to provide monthly support, please contact us by phone or email.

We are also needing immediate assistance with one-time funds to cover the initial settlement expenses and training costs.  If you would like to provide additional help or are unable to assist with a monthly amount, please send one-time support funds at your earliest convenience.  We are trying to raise all of the one-time support before May of 2014 to ensure that we can proceed with our proposed timeline.


Share Our StoryCusco Support Packet

Please take a moment to glance at our Cusco Support Packet which details the work in Cusco and our role in the mission. If you know of any congregations or individuals that may be interested in supporting us in Cusco, please download the attachment and pass it along on our behalf whether by printing and mailing it or by emailing it. We thank you for your help as we secure the funding necessary to make our work in Cusco a reality.



All support should be sent to:
Estes church of Christ
Attn: Davis Cusco Mission
P.O. Box 191
Henderson, TN 38340


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