The Importance of Community

This past month has been all about understanding Peruvian culture better so that we can minister more powerfully in the future. One of our favorite days was when we had the opportunity to visit a local school, Colegio Uchullu. 

Two of our members, Techi and Adriana, helping us teach at Uchullu

Two of our members, Techi and Adriana, helping us teach at Uchullu

Our teammate, Gary, is teaching the song “All Creatures of Our God and King” in Swahili and Spanish to the children at this school, who will then perform for their parents. In addition to the weekly singing class, our teammate Jennifer and some church members are also teaching art classes to the 1st-6th graders. Our goal through these lessons is to develop a connection with the parents of these students in order to share more with them about Christ. In a couple of weeks, we will have the opportunity to teach a Bible class to the families of the children.

Over the past month, we have also tried to get to know our neighbors in our apartment complex as well as in the stores and restaurants nearby. God blessed Sarah with a special friend named Valeria who worked in the sandwich shop beside our apartment. Valeria is spending some time now with family in Lima but has remained in frequent communication with Sarah. She is an impressive young lady who has a passion for learning more about God and His word. We are praying for Valeria as she comes to know Christ!


Sarah and Valeria

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