Angels Rejoicing in Heaven

One of the most special days we’ve had since our move here was when we got to witness a new Christian being added to the body! This is what it is all about and exactly why we are in Cusco. We got a message late one night that a young man named Alexander had walked into our church building requesting to study the Bible that very evening. After studying for a while with Gary, Alexander felt the urgency to be baptized into Christ before he returned home. 

The beginning of a new life in Christ

The beginning of a new life in Christ

We are thankful to have had the privilege of seeing our new brother being buried with Christ. We were reminded of the joy and forgiveness we felt after our own baptisms as Alexander exclaimed cries of relief when he rose from the water. Praise God, and pray for this sincere young man!

Barton & Gary with Alexander

Barton & Gary with Alexander

Overall, October was a month full of spiritual blessings as the congregation saw a great average attendance of 83 people at worship.

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